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Food Grade Defoamer

Food Grade Defoamer

Food grade defoamer D120

This D120 food grade defoamer is mixed evenly with water and foam fluid then adding in Foam fluid. It can be also added in the foam fluid directly .

Food Grade Defoamer D120

Chemical Composition

Deionized water、Polydimethylsiloxanes、 Food-grade emulsifier、 Food-grade thickener

Method for Application

This D120 food grade defoamer is mixed evenly with water and foam fluid then adding in Foam fluid. It can be also added in the foam fluid directly .The suitable dosage  in common conditions is 0.01‰-1‰ of the total formulation weight, and dependent on the specific case of customer. The defoamer dilution should be used as quickly as possible.

Dosage and Application scope

Food and Feed Process Maximum Dosage
Soybean Product Prcessing No more than 0.3g/Kg(based on the total soybean mass)
Meat product Processing, Beer Fermentation No more than 0.2g/kg
Baking Processing No more than 30mg/dm2 (Dosage in the moulds)
Oil Processing No more than 0.01g/kg
Beverages, juices,
sauces, jams, jellies, vegetables processing, condiment and flavoring
manufacturing,ice cream, instant food, concentrated juice powder
No more than 0.05g/kg

Basic technical data

 Item Index Test Method and Standard
Color Milk-white pick up some quantity ,put into
dry and transparent container,
To Exam the color and state
under natural light
State Thick liquid
Solubility Pass GB30612-2014中B.3.1
Stability Pass GB30612-2014中B6
Nonvolatile matter,w%≥ 10 GB30612-2014中B7
Plumbum Pb/(mg/kg)      ≤ 5 GB 5009.12a
Tatal Arsenic(calculated as
element As)/(mg/kg)≤
2 GB/T 5009.11a
It can be worded during 0-70°C

Method for Application

Disinfected  with bass raw materials, it also can be disinfected partly by adding material in the later part of  fermentation process. In general, under normal conditions, the dosage of 0.1-5‰ will meet the requirement. of fermentation defoaming cycle.

Active ingredients content list

No. Active ingredients content
D115 15%
D120 20%
D125 25%
D130 30%

Payment & Shipping

1. Payment:T/T,Western Union
2. Sample by UPS / DHL / FEDEX(door to door)
3. Goods by sea or sino-european freight train


1. Sample is within 3days to delivery.
2. Wholesales Orders : 3-5days according various quantities

Packaging and Storage

1. This antifoam is available in 20Kg、50Kg、100Kg and 200Kg PE drum. Alternate packaging is available upon request.
2. Sealed in a cool, ventilated and dry place, avoiding being exposed to the sun and rain. Strictly prohibit from mixing  storing or transporting with strong acid, alkali and toxic substances.
3. When kept in an original unopened container, it  will be kept up to 6 months from the date of manufacture. When sedimentation appears exceeding the guarantee period, it can be used if it is qualified after analyzed.
4. Transported as non-dangerous goods.
  • Model: D120 Food Grade Defoamer

  • Certification: SGS SKS BRC

  • Supply Capacity: 50000 Tons each month

  • Package: Be packed in clean, dry iron drums and sealed