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defoamer manufacturers

defoamer manufacturers

for defoamer sewage treatment defoamer manufacturers SH-Z Series

SH-Z Series Defoamers from Defoamer Manufacturers Wastewater Treatment Defoamers consist of a variety of materials that may stratify or precipitate during storage. This is normal. Users are advised to stir a little before use, without affecting the use.

For defoamer sewage treatment defoamer manufacturers SH-Z series

1. Basic characteristics

Polydimethylsiloxane, nonionic emulsifier, dispersant, water;

2. Technical Index

Item Index Test Method
Appearance Milky white to slightly yellow uniform liquid By Eye
PH Value 6.0-9.0 Precise PH test paper
Viscosity(25℃) 80-500mPa.s GB/T 5561-1994
Dispersity Suspended and dispersed in water 1% aqueous solution
Note: The above data is for reference only and is not intended as a technical indicator

3. Application

Sewage Treatment

4. How to use

The SH-Z defoamer is composed of a variety of substances, which may be stratified or precipitated during storage. This is normal. It is recommended that the user stir a little before use, without affecting the use effect.
The SH-Z defoamer can be added directly to the foaming system. It can also be diluted with a certain amount of thickened water before use;

5. Package & Storage

This product is packed in 25kg/50kg/200kg PE drums, or customized according to customer requirements. Store at 5-35 °C to avoid direct heating. If it is burning on fire, extinguish the fire according to the general petroleum product method.
At the temperature of 10~30 °C, the shelf life is 6 months from the date of production without opening the package.

6. Product safety instructions

This information is based on the knowledge and experience of our company. The application or usage suggestions we provide are for your reference only. If you cannot confirm the safety of use, please contact us directly. Since the conditions and methods of using our products are different, it is recommended that customers conduct small trials before use to ensure safe and effective use of the products. For product standards, please contact the company, but typical product data should not be considered as a product standard. The company can provide chemical safety data sheets upon request.
  • Model: SH-Z defoamer manufacturers

  • Certification: SGS SKS BRC

  • Supply Capacity: 50000 Tons each month

  • Package: Be packed in clean, dry iron drums and sealed