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Mineral oil based defoamer

Mineral oil based defoamer

Mineral oil based defoamer SH-Y106 for Water-based paints and ink

Mineral oil based defoamer which does not contain silicone components, is used in the polymerization, coagulation and degassing processes of the rubber and plastics industry. It can eliminate foam generated by the action of various surfactants in the system. In addition, it can also be used in resin products, water-based paints, latex paints, water-based inks, emulsion polymerization, polymer adhesives, styrene-acrylic emulsions, papermaking, petrochemical industry and all industries where silicone defoamers are not suitable.

Mineral oil based defoamer SH-Y106  for Water-based paints and ink

Product Description

Main Characteristic:

1. It consists of mineral oil, fatty acid metal soap and dispersant;

2. It has little effect on the coating/painting film and with high efficiency;

3. Particularly suitable for aqueous ink systems;

Technical Index:



Test Method


Light yellow to yellow oily liquid

By Eye

PH value


Precise PH test paper



GB/T5561-1994 NDJ-79 mechanical viscometer


Suspended and dispersed in water

1% aqueous solution

Specific Gravity(g/ml)



Note: The above data is for reference only and is not intended as a technical indicator


1. Water-Based Paint and Ink

2. Water-based architectural coatings for high, medium and low PVC;

3. Other polymer systems that cannot use silicone; 

How to use

1. SH-Y106 foam control agent is composed of a variety of substances, which may be stratified or precipitated during storage, which is normal. It is recommended that the user stir slightly before use, without affecting the use effect.

2. SH-Y106 antifoams can not be diluted with water, but can be added directly to the foaming system. If diluted with water, stratification may occur, which will reduce the effect of defoaming and will eventually lead to an increase in the cost of use.

3. Because SH-Y106 defoamer has strong antifoaming properties, it can be added to the product as a foam suppressing component. The recommended addition amount is 0.1~0.5% of the total formula amount. It can also be added in stages. Add 40% of the mass in the grinding stage, and add the remaining 60% in the paint adjustment stage (before adding the emulsion). The optimum amount is determined by the user through field trials.

Mineral Oil Defoamer and Anti foams SH-Y106 for Water-Based Paint and Ink

Mineral Oil Defoamer and Anti foams SH-Y106 for Water-Based Paint and Ink

Mineral Oil Defoamer and Anti foams SH-Y106 for Water-Based Paint and Ink

Package & Storage

This antifoams agent for paint and ink is packed in 25kg/50kg/200kg PE drums, or customized according to customer requirements. Store at 5-35 °C to avoid direct heating. If it is burning on fire, extinguish the fire according to the general petroleum product method.

At the temperature of 10~30 °C, the shelf life is 6 months from the date of production without opening the package.

  • Model: SH-Y106 Mineral oil based defoamer

  • Certification: SGS SKS BRC

  • Supply Capacity: 500 Tons each month

  • Package: Be packed in clean, dry iron drums and sealed