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ZHUO XUAN YANG was established in 2018, located in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is responsible for the international trade business of LONGSHENG SIHAI. Our main products: Silicone resin series, including methyl silicone resin, methyl phenyl silicone resin, epoxy modified silicone resin, acrylic modified silicone resin, methyl/vinyl MQ silicone resin, solid silicone resin, water-based silicone resin emulsion, silicone resin intermediates; Surfactants series, including food defoamer, industrial defoamer, silicone defoamer, polyether defoamer, mineral oil defoamer, solid defoamer, wetting agents, leveling agents, foam stabilizers, and release agents; Silicone fluids series, including methyl silicone oil, hydrogen silicone oil, hydroxy silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil, long-chain alkyl modified silicone oil, 107 hydroxy silicone rubber; Silicone PSA series, including pressure-sensitive adhesive for high temperature resistant tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive for mica tape.

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Hubei Zhuoxuanyang International Trading Co., Ltd.


Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is a kind of pressure-sensitive adhesive with silicone polymer as the main body.Compared with traditional acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, it has excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance.


Defoamer is a kind of substance with low surface tension and high surface activity, which can eliminate and inhibit water (oil) system foam.Generally, it has low surface tension, good thermal and chemical stability, dispersibility, insoluble and physiological properties.

Silicone Resin

Silicone resin is a thermosetting polysilane system with highly crosslinked structure, with excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation.Widely used as high and low temperature insulation paint, dip varnish and adhesive.

Industry Application

widely used in coating、mica tape, electronics, waste water treatment, desulfurizing power plants, paper making, biological fermentation, construction.

Hubei Zhuoxuanyang International Trading Co., Ltd.