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Reasons and solutions of foam concrete defoaming

Reasons for foam concrete defoaming:

1. The foaming agent has poor foam stabilization performance. This is mainly because the foaming agent uses low-grade surfactants.

2. No slurry stabilizer is used in the slurry, so that the foamed lightweight soil slurry has no stabilizing effect on the foam, and the foam cannot be strengthened and consolidated after entering the slurry.

3. The water-cement ratio is too large and the slurry is too thin, causing the foam to sink too fast in the slurry, both of which will cause the foam to disappear quickly.

4. The foaming effect is poor, the bubble diameter is too large, and the uneven size of the foam is more serious, causing the gas in the bubble to diffuse too fast.

5. The amount of heavy aggregate of foamed light soil is too large, and the slurry is unbearable, causing it to sink quickly and crushing the lower foam.

6. There are ingredients in the material that are not conducive to foam stability, and even have a negative effect on defoaming.

Foam concrete defoaming solution:

1. Use high-performance high-quality cement foaming agent

2. Add stabilizer to the slurry

3. Reduce the water-cement ratio and make the slurry thicker as possible.

4. Improve the foaming quality, use a foam diameter less than 1mm

5. Control the amount of heavy aggregate, especially the amount of gravel and sand

6. In the formulation process, pay attention to the synergistic effect of various materials, improve the stabilizing effect of other materials on the foam, and do not use materials that affect the stability of the foam.