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2020 (3rd) Military-civilian Dual-use Absorbing, Shielding, Asynchronous New Materials Forum

In order to thoroughly implement the military strategic policy under the new situation, realize the modernization of national defense and the military, and promote the development of the national economy, the conference platform of dual-use new material technology and application, China National Science and Technology (Beijing) Institute of Advanced Materials, Journal of Nanjing Normal University The 2020 (third) dual-use dual-use microwave absorbing, shielding, and thermal conductive materials forum will be jointly held. The purpose of this forum is to provide advanced absorbing, shielding, and thermal conductive materials and their new technologies, new processes, and new applications to build national defense With high-end equipment demand, communication, and seminar platforms, it creates opportunities for industry chain collaboration for R&D, production, structural design and application, and at the same time creates opportunities for cooperation with advanced absorbing, shielding, and thermal conductive materials.

The forum is scheduled to be held on September 25-27 at the Venice Hotel in Changzhou, Jiangsu. Experts in the industry will be invited to report on the development and existing problems of new materials for absorbing, shielding and thermal conductivity. We sincerely invite leaders, experts, scholars, engineering and technical personnel, and colleagues from relevant units to attend the meeting (persons from overseas and foreign companies are not allowed to participate) to discuss the development trend of new materials, new technologies, new needs, Discussions and reports on new standards, etc., provide suggestions for the development of high-end equipment.