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resin binder

resin binder

High temperature insulation mica board fiberglass resin binder adhesive

High Temperature Insulation Mica board fiberglass resin binder Adhesive,has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, moisture proof and water proof properties. It is an ideal adhesive for high temperature mica board and glass fiber cloth laminate sheet.

High Temperature Insulation resin binder Adhesive of Hi-hardness Mica board or Glass Fiber cloth laminate sheet SH9502

1. Main composition

Methylpolysiloxane resin

2. Technical Index

Item Index Note
Appearance Colorless or light yellow
liquid, no mechanical
PH 6~7  
Solid content
Gel time(200℃,min) 10~120 Can be adjusted according
to customer’s  demands
 >> This product should be used with curing agent
 >> The usage ratio is during 1:1.5% - 1:1.8%  

3. Performance and Usage

The resin binder has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, moisture proof and water proof properties. It is an ideal adhesive for high temperature mica board and glass fiber cloth laminate sheet.
It also can be used as wear-resisting treatment agent and polishing treatment agent for marble and flooring tile.
The product has the features of brittle hardness, high curing degree and has less volatilization in curing process.

4. Packaging and Delivery

Be packed in 200kg iron drums. Sealed in a cool,ventilated and dry place under 35℃ temperature. Prevent from direct sun light and the heat source. The storage period is more than six months(Exceeding the guarantee period, it can be used if it is qualified after analyzed).  Stored and transported as dangerous goods.
  • Model: SH9502 resin binder

  • Certification: SGS SKS BRC

  • Supply Capacity: 50000 Tons each month

  • Package: Be packed in clean, dry iron drums and sealed