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Analysis of market application and development trend of global water based adhesives

The water based adhesive can improve the solid content and has high initial viscosity. It is prepared by using natural polymer or synthetic polymer as a binder and water as a solvent or dispersant instead of toxic organic solvent which is polluted by the environment. Type of adhesive.

Advances in the production of water based adhesives and bio-based water-based adhesives offer tremendous opportunities for market growth, and they are widely used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.
Due to its characteristics, water-based adhesives are mainly used in books, packaging, tape, paper lamination, flooring and construction, footwear, automotive interior and exterior.

Its application market is almost all over the world, mainly including Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. At the same time, the growing demand for applications has become a major factor driving the waterborne adhesives market.

However, the complexity of the aqueous adhesive formulation process is a factor that hinders market growth compared to solvent-based adhesives.
The Asia Pacific region is a major market for waterborne adhesives. The growth of the automotive, packaging and construction industries, driven by the automotive industry in developing countries such as India, Brazil and China, has contributed to the development of the waterborne adhesives market.
In addition to the dominant market, Asia Pacific is also the largest producer of waterborne adhesives.

Due to the availability of raw materials and low production costs, China is the country with most production plants.

North America ranks second in the growth of the waterborne adhesives market. The demand for waterborne adhesives is primarily in the packaging and automotive industries.

Europe ranks third in terms of consumption in the market, but ranks second in the production of water-based adhesives. And because water-based adhesives are less harmful to the environment, European environmental agencies support the use of water-based adhesives.
With the advancement of technology and society, the whole society has strict requirements for environmental protection and green development, making it more important for water-based adhesives that have advantages over solvent-based adhesives in environmental protection.