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Application of defoamer agent in cement mortar

Basic composition of cement mortar
The concrete is composed of cement, sand and water. In order to ensure that the concrete has certain strength and various properties required, chemical additives will be added to the cement mortar to improve the performance of the concrete, such as: waterproof agent, water reducer, antifreeze, release agent, dispersant, thickener.
Application of defoamer agent in cement mortar
Foaming factors of cement mortar
In the process of concrete mixing, transportation and filling, air bubbles are introduced, which have large bubble diameter, uneven and unstable distribution, and are easy to aggregate into bubbles with larger bubble diameter;
The bubbles introduced by water reducing agent, due to the same electric repulsive force, produce bubbles with uneven size, irregular shape and instability, and eventually overflow to the concrete surface to form apparent bubbles Honeycomb pock defects;
Air bubbles introduced by air entraining agent, the liquid film on the surface of bubbles is relatively strong, and the bubbles are relatively stable, so it is not easy to burst.

Preparation of cement mortar
Step 1: prepare cement mortar powder in the container, including sand, cement, cellulose, water reducer, antifreeze, thickener, release agent, waterproof agent, etc;

Step 2: add a certain amount of water to the mixing equipment, pour the prepared powder, and the dispersion time is 5-10min at 500rpm / min;

Step 3: take the material and add defoamer, and check the appearance (defoamer dosage: 0.1%, actual dosage: 0.5g).
Test results of defoamer for cement mortar
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No defoamer added - Application of defoamer agent in cement mortar Added defoamer - Application of defoamer agent in cement mortar
No defoamer added Added defoamer

Defoamer is helpful to eliminate the big bubbles in concrete. On the one hand, adding defoamer can eliminate the bubbles between concrete and formwork to a certain extent, effectively prevent or eliminate the generation of honeycombs and pits on the concrete surface, so that the concrete surface has a high flatness and luster. On the other hand, defoamer can eliminate bubbles inside concrete, reduce the air content and porosity of concrete, and improve the mechanical properties and durability of concrete.
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