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Application of defoamer in industrial glue

Application of defoamer in industrial glue

Glue defoamer plays a very important role in the process of making glue. It is mainly to eliminate the foam impurities generated in the process of making glue, so that the performance of the glue is not affected by the foam. This practice has attracted the attention of many manufacturers. Because some manufacturers are forced to stop production because of the bubbles in the production of glue, small-scale enterprises may not lose much, but the cost loss of large-scale enterprises is incalculable. Therefore, today we will introduce you to the defoamer of glue .

First of all, we explain to everyone where the bubbles that appear in the production of glue come from.
It turns out that in order to improve the performance of the glue and make their products occupy a place in the market, various manufacturers will add a certain amount of chemical additives or additives to help increase the viscosity.

However, there is a risk of foaming in this step of the process. Most of these additives are some surfactants, which contain substances that are prone to foaming. It is easy to produce active chemical reactions under mechanical or manual stirring to form chemical foams. This is undoubtedly not conducive to glue production.

These foams tend to reduce the viscosity of the glue and deteriorate the performance, and may even reduce the life of the equipment. Seriously, it may cause a certain degree of environmental pollution. Therefore, the remediation of glue foam must not be delayed.

Glue defoamer is a defoamer developed completely for foam, which can quickly eliminate the large bubbles and fine bubbles produced by acrylic emulsion, water-based polyurethane emulsion, water-based paint, and high molecular materials. It has strong adaptability, stable chemical properties, good leveling performance, and can adapt to high temperature, strong acid and alkali environment, without affecting its antifoaming and defoaming performance.