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Application of defoamers in PCB board cleaning

Application of defoamer in PCB board cleaning

Brief Introduction

Circuit board (PCB) is used to make circuit miniaturization and visualization, which plays an important role in the mass production of fixed circuit and optimization of electrical layout. With the continuous development of the printed circuit board industry, the number of layers is increasing. The lines become finer and denser. The spacing between lines is getting smaller and smaller. There are abundant bubbles in PCB cleaning, PCB water treatment, film removal, etching, development, and sewage treatment (PCB process), which will use circuit board defoamer. Strong strength, less consumption, convenient use, easy operation, high product efficiency, no rich products, no need of three wastes treatment.

I. Causes Of Bubbles

In the production process of printed circuit board, the dry film process is to remove the unexposed dry film by developing. The dry film is light-sensitive insulating resin, and the developing solution is sodium carbonate solvent. Due to the continuous dissolution of the dry film, the developer will produce some foam in the system circulation spray process. The foam will affect the quality of the development to a certain extent, which will cause inconvenience to the production and affect the production schedule. Therefore, in industrial production, a certain amount of circuit boards should be added to clean the cylinder and defoamer should be cleaned to prevent foam generation.

Application of defoamer in PCB board cleaning

II. How To Choose A Proper Defoamer

At present, the defoamers in PCB board cleaning are emulsified silicone oil, emulsified mineral oil, tributyl phosphate and polyether defoamers, mainly emulsified silicone oil and polyether; the traditional emulsified silicone oil defoamers are forbidden due to their easy demulsification and bleaching oil in the dilution process. Generally, the defoamer used by most manufacturers is polyether

Application of defoamer in PCB board cleaning

Due to the particularity of PCB manufacturing process, the defoamer is strictly required. In addition to the excellent defoamer and anti foam ability, it is also required that the defoamer can not have any residue on PCB, and it is effective under alkaline conditions. Polyether defoamer is the defoamer of aqueous system, which is easy to disperse and use in water. It has antifoaming activity in a wide range of pH and temperature and has the effect of preventing foam regeneration. It has the characteristics of high defoaming efficiency in cleaning industry. Especially suitable for all kinds of fine circuit board cleaning industry.