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Application of sewage treatment defoamer

Application of sewage treatment defoamer

Now that the water resources crisis is constantly erupting, water resources have become a very precious resource. Water is used in all aspects of life. People's daily life has been inseparable from water. Humans have been treating water for many years. The treatment methods include physical treatment and chemical treatment, mainly treating sewage and drinking water. In the sewage treatment project, because it is easy to produce foam, it is necessary to use sewage treatment defoamer.

The purpose of water treatment is to improve the water quality so that it reaches a certain water quality standard. Water recycling can save water to a large extent. In the process of sewage treatment, a large amount of foam will be encountered in the biochemical pool. If it is still, it will overflow from the pool, causing serious pollution to the external wall of the external equipment. Deteriorating operating conditions have seriously affected the surrounding environment.
Water treatment defoamer can well control or eliminate foam generated during sewage treatment. With the continuous development of the defoamer industry, there are many types of sewage treatment defoamers. There are special sewage defoamers for different sewage. , Such as: domestic sewage treatment defoamer, aquaculture sewage treatment defoamer, electroplating sewage treatment defoamer, etc.
The water recycling after sewage treatment meets the requirements of contemporary social and economic development and environmental protection. With the emergence of water resources crisis, the process of sewage reuse has also become a focus of attention. In order to improve water quality and improve the environment, the technology of sewage treatment will Continuous development and innovation.