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Cement mortar defoamer indispensable in construction industry

Cement mortar defoamer indispensable in construction industry

The main components of cement mortar are cement, fine aggregate and water, that is, cement + sand + water, which can be formulated according to needs. Cement mortar is one of the main raw materials for building a house. However, a large amount of foam will be generated during the mixing process. It takes too long to wait for the foam to eliminate itself. At this time, we need to add a cement defoamer, which is a defoamer specially studied for cement mortar foam. It is also an option for defoaming construction.

The characteristics of cement mortar defoamer
Cement mortar defoamer is mainly designed for the foaming characteristics of cement mortar during mixing. Using this product can effectively control the generation of foam in the cement mortar system and make the concrete components more dense and bright.

It has good dispersibility and rapid defoaming in cement mortar system.
Low dosage and high efficiency.
Increase the strength and brightness of concrete members
This product is non-toxic and odorless, which is conducive to production safety.

The special defoamer for cement mortar is developed with special defoamer ingredients and specially designed emulsification system. The new defoaming system provides excellent balance of defoaming performance. The special emulsification system ensures the compatibility, dilution stability and excellent shear stability of the system. Compared with traditional defoamers, it can maintain better stability in the system and has excellent high temperature performance. It is suitable for system applications such as cement mortar and self-leveling cement.