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Composite polyurethane adhesive main classification

Composite polyurethane adhesive is an environmentally friendly adhesive. It is an important part of the rapidly developing polyurethane resin. It has excellent performance and has been widely used in many aspects. The composite polyurethane adhesive industry is a sub-sector adhesive industry in the fine chemical industry. Adhesive refers to a variety of substances that can be bonded together by adhesion.

Adhesive refers to a substance that binds adherends by adhesion, and has a wide variety. Among them, the composite polyurethane adhesive refers to an adhesive containing a urethane group (-NHCOO-) or an isocyanate group (-NCO) in the molecular chain, and is mainly used for sticking two or more film-like or sheet-like materials having different or the same properties. Connected to form a new composite adhesive. According to the China Adhesive Industry Association's classification of adhesive products, it is mainly divided into the following six categories: pressure sensitive adhesives (belts), polymer emulsion adhesives, rubber adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, hot melt adhesives and engineering adhesives.

There are many types of composite polyurethane adhesive products, and the classification methods are different. There are three common classification methods:

1, according to the characteristics can be divided into: ultra-low temperature, foaming type, anaerobic type, electrical conductivity, high temperature resistance, high barrier, anti-aging, anti-media, anti-slip agent composite polyurethane adhesive and other major categories.

2, according to different chemical principles can be divided into: reactive composite polyurethane adhesive, non-reactive composite polyurethane adhesive and other two categories.

3, according to the use can be divided into: packaging, leather, textile shoes, printing, transportation, home appliances and electronic products, furniture and building materials, safety protection, composite polyurethane adhesives for new energy.