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Defoamer for coating additives eliminates foam

In the home improvement industry, we not only need to use a variety of coatings, but also use different coating additives to aid in the application of the coating. These coating auxiliaries, also known as paint auxiliaries, improve coating performance and promote film formation, which is very hot in the coatings industry. However, you can know that paint additives are prone to generate a large number of bubbles during the production or use process. These foams will form large and small bubbles on the surface of the paint, which will seriously affect the performance and appearance of the product. In order to change this situation, defoamers for coating additives have appeared.

coating additives
(The picture shows a paint additive)

So how do these paint additives generate bubbles? In the production of these coating auxiliaries, it is necessary to add different coagents. When these co-agents are stirred and mixed, they will react, which will cause their chemical instability, destroying their chemical equilibrium state, leading to the generation of bubbles, and secondly. In the process of using, the combination of paint additives and paints is unreasonable, and the mixing is uneven, which also leads to the generation of foam.

The advent of defoamers for coating additives has changed this situation and effectively removes bubble problems that occur during production or use. It is made of polyether as the main raw material, with a variety of additives. It is easy to disperse in the coating aid system, strong in self-emulsification, good in defoaming, long in foam suppression time, good in dispersibility by itself, can effectively reduce foam surface tension, fast defoaming, stable performance in products, general addition amount It is 0.1% to 1%.