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Depth analysis of building structure adhesive, adhesive manufacturer teaches you how to distinguish

Many people, including some newcomers, are a bit silly about high-temperature glue, thermal grease, sealant, styrofoam, etc. The building structure adhesive we are going to talk about today, as the name suggests, are invented for the bonding of structural parts in building materials. Structural adhesives have their own advantages and uses as other high-end materials.

1. What is structural glue?
Structural rubber refers to high strength (compressive strength >65MPa, steel-steel positive tensile bond strength >30MPa, shear strength >18MPa), can withstand large loads, and is resistant to aging, fatigue, corrosion and performance during life expectancy. Stable, suitable for adhesives that are subjected to strong structural parts. General construction engineering has very high requirements on the strength, durability and corrosion resistance of the adhesive, and everyone knows that the construction conditions of most buildings are very difficult, so it is necessary to be able to cope with the construction environment, construction process, etc. The requirements are also affordable.

2. Can other substances be added during the preparation of structural adhesives?
No, because the structural adhesive weight is completely reacted, the addition of solvents, thinners, adhesives of other ingredients, etc. on the basis of the original ratio may have side effects on the strength and durability of the structural adhesive. If you need to add, try to consult the seller before making a decision.

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3. Can the structural glue directly contact the skin?
No, the structural adhesive is composed of a series of chemical substances. Once it comes into contact with the skin, it will not only be irritating to the skin, but also difficult to remove. Therefore, use it in a well-ventilated place, and wear overalls to avoid direct contact with the skin.

4. How to store structural glue?
Everyone knows that material storage such as adhesives is required, and structural adhesives are no exception. Be sure to put it in a dry and ventilated place. The structural adhesive that exceeds the shelf life must be tested and confirmed to meet the requirements.

As a material with high durability and high corrosion resistance, structural adhesives are deeply loved by the construction industry and the civil engineering industry.