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Hot melt adhesive application in the automotive industry

Hot melt adhesive is one of the most environmentally friendly and suitable for high speed automatic assembly line operations. Today's automobile industry is developing rapidly. Especially in China, the sales volume of automobiles in 2013 exceeded 20 million. It has become the world's largest automobile production and sales country. With the improvement of the automatic level of automobile production, the automotive industry needs a large number of rapid bonding, and can adapt to high-speed automated production and environmentally friendly adhesives. Hot melt adhesives can meet all the above requirements, so hot melt adhesives are more and more widely used in the automotive industry. The amount of use has also increased year by year, and it has become an irreplaceable rubber type for the automotive industry. The reason for this trend is determined by the characteristics of the hot melt adhesive itself.

Hot melt adhesive features:
1. Fast curing speed, suitable for modern high-speed assembly line operations.

2, a wide range of bonding materials, the car is mainly composed of a large number of metal and non-metal parts, hot melt adhesive is suitable for the bonding of such products. Such as ABS, PP, PE, felt, etc. used in large quantities in automobiles.

3, convenient construction, hot melt adhesive can have a variety of gluing methods, can be sprayed, roller coated, scraped and so on.

4, hot melt adhesive is 100% solid content, easy to store, and energy-saving, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

5. Nowadays, the world's resources are tight. Many auto companies have considered recycling the resources after the vehicle is scrapped. The hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of heating and melting, and it has advantages in recycling and dismantling.

Automotive hot melt adhesive type
Most hot melt adhesives have examples of use in automobiles, but different types of hot melt adhesives are selected for different parts and applications. According to its function, it can be divided into two types: adhesive type and sealed type. The sealed type mainly uses butyl type glue, which will not be discussed here. If divided according to the use and construction temperature, it can be divided into ordinary type and heat-resistant type. The car is mainly driven outdoors, and generally requires hot-melt adhesive to have certain heat resistance. If classified by material, there are EVA, rubber, APAO, and PUR, PA, PES, etc., which are in the form of blocks, membranes, rods, granules, and powder.

Application parts and glue types of hot melt adhesive on automobiles
A car consists of thousands of parts, and there are many parts involved in the use of hot melt adhesives. Here are some of the most common and common parts:

1. For the headlights, the traditional method is to use a rubber sealing strip with holes, which can be pressed tightly by screws. After changing to hot melt adhesive, it can be quickly bonded and sealed at the same time, which not only reduces the cost but also helps. Automated manufacturing. The types of hot melt adhesives mainly include rubber type, APAO type and PUR type, which require good temperature resistance, high strength of bonding glass and vibration resistance. Two-component glues are also currently available. The license plate lamp also uses a temperature-resistant hot melt glue stick to fix the wire harness and the electronic component.

2, the dashboard of the bridge, ventilation ducts, interior fixed buckles, etc., used to be fixed by mechanical means, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also low efficiency, sealing performance is not good. After using hot melt adhesive, the production efficiency of Herong product quality is greatly improved. Mainly used as a temperature-resistant hot melt glue stick, the substrate has EVA and polyolefin type.

3, car roof, car roof is a composite between plastic plates, hot melt glue type is mainly film and rubber powder, the substrate is PE and EVA.

4, car door panels, car door panel assembly needs to use hot melt adhesive bonding. There are PP parts bonding, sound and wire harness fixing. Mainly use APAO and temperature resistant glue sticks.

5, car carpet and floor insulation pad, luggage buckle, etc., this is the place where the car uses hot melt adhesive. The types of hot melt adhesives are rubber blocks, rubber pellets and glue sticks. The types are pressure sensitive adhesives, EVA rubber pellets, glue sticks and APAO. It requires long opening time, easy assembly and fitting of large parts, good heat resistance and low odor.

6, the car wiring harness is fixed, the car has a large number of wires inside, so many wire harness can not be fixed with the wire tube like our home decoration, fixing with hot melt adhesive is a time-saving and efficient method, and the hot melt adhesive has a certain Elasticity, it will not fall off during driving bumps, and it is easy to disassemble when it needs to be repaired. Mainly use glue sticks and APAO type hot melt adhesives.