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How magical silicone has changed our lives

Filling prostheses for beauty, medical organs, like breasts, ears...
Easily print with 3D printers made of silicone.
God is not amazing?
Since the first industrial silicone 3D printer came out three years ago
Make many smart ideas into shaped objects
3D printing technology is a moldless process
Can produce parts that are more complex than traditional manufacturing methods
Provides possibilities for more design and manufacturing


Silicone is an elastomer material, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, ultraviolet resistance, long-term aging resistance, good biocompatibility, etc., and has broad application prospects in the field of 3D printing. Its addition makes 3D printing even more fascinating.

As one of the first silicone materials companies to enter the 3D printing market, Bluestar has established three 3D printing labs in the US, France and China to provide users with fast and flexible customized solutions.

This year's Expo, Aiken Silicone demonstrated how to use silicone materials for 3D printing. Ning Gaoning, the chairman of China National Chemical Corporation, came to the exhibition area and visited the 3D printing process with great interest. He understood the wide application and huge development space of silicone, and affirmed the active development of Aiken Silicone in the downstream market.

Make new energy vehicles safer

Aiken Silicone also demonstrated the application of its innovative technologies in different fields such as medical, aerospace, automotive, construction, and intelligent robots, and promoted the reshaping and upgrading of the entire value chain, which is an indispensable disruptive for the future digital factory. Innovative technology has given the future of manufacturing a rich expectation and imagination.

Aiken Silicone is committed to the development of new energy vehicles in China, working with global experts to develop more suitable solutions. At this year's show, Aiken highlighted the star products used in new energy vehicles - battery pack management sealing materials, battery thermal management thermal materials and BluesilTM silicone cables with excellent flame retardancy and insulation.

Long-term implantable medical products such as artificial joints, artificial breasts, and facial implants, short-term medical devices such as human inverted tubes and lubricants, and silicones are preferred raw materials, which are safe, reliable, and biocompatible. It is gradually replacing other materials and is favored by the medical market. The products of the Aiken Silicone SibioneTM brand are produced in a non-polluting and highly clean environment and are FDA-approved for use in wound care, long-term or short-term implants, and post-operative rehabilitation.

Make new energy vehicles safer

Skin creams, foundations, hair conditioners and other skin care products, make-up products, hair care products, silicone oil and other silicone products are playing a major role. With the iterative upgrade of the daily chemical and beauty industry, the products of the Aiken Silicone MirasilTM brand are designed for a variety of skin care and cosmetic applications. The skin care and beauty products with MirasilTM products will be more comfortable and smooth. .

Aiken Silicone has exhibited a tissue softener for baby care and allergy sufferers. Paper towels made with BluesilTM softener are softer, silkier and more comfortable, designed for the high-end tissue market.

At the same time, a car seat made of BluesilTM silicone leather is more scratch-resistant, easy to clean, softer and more elastic than other artificial leather made of silicone material, and silicone leather does not contain any harmful substances.

Car seat made of comfortable and soft silicone artificial leather has a strong interest in Ning Gaoning

Silicone and "Made in China 2025"

With the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" strong country strategy, the Chinese economy is undergoing a new industrial revolution and a new round of industrial structure optimization and upgrading. Silicones play an increasingly important role in various industries and fields.

The high-performance organic silicon used in new energy vehicles is continuously developed and commercialized; the creation and upgrading of smart cities will further apply high-performance and high value-added building waterproof and energy-saving organic silicon materials; population aging and human health Constantly seeking to expand the demand for high-purity medical grade silicones.

Silicones will play an irreplaceable role in these industries. According to experts' estimates, the demand for silicones in the Chinese market is expected to increase by more than 7.4% per year.