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How to check the hidden dangers of dangerous chemicals? "Exam" on-site by experts

Recently, the reporter followed the relevant staff of the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department to directly check the inspection of hidden dangers in the field of hazardous chemicals. According to law enforcement officials from the Department of Emergency Management of Hazardous Chemicals of the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department, Sichuan Province is conducting a comprehensive investigation of production safety risks involving chemical production project companies. During the inspection, the working group specially invited Chen Wenjun, a chemical expert and senior engineer. He is mainly responsible for "picking" from a professional perspective and providing technical support for enterprise rectification.

In Renzhi Petrochemical's office, the working group took a closer look at the data and soon discovered the problem. "The company's production safety responsibility system is like a temporary piece of data, and it has not been issued by the main person in charge." An enterprise's production safety responsibility system is like the "law" of an enterprise. It should be a standard document printed and issued strictly within the enterprise and sent to the local emergency bureau for the record.

After checking the company's rules and regulations, the working group drove to the company's warehouse. Renzhi Petrochemical is mainly engaged in the production of oilfield drilling auxiliary materials. It is not a hazardous chemical company, but the working group had previously received the company's illegal storage of 6 tons of hazardous chemicals. Report on issues such as formaldehyde solutions.

After the company employee opened a tightly closed iron door, dozens of stacked formaldehyde barrels appeared in front of them, and the formaldehyde barrels were phenol barrels and homemade barrels. "Phenol and formaldehyde easily react and generate heat. Sustained heat build-up can easily lead to spontaneous combustion and trigger an explosion." Expert Chen Wenjun pointed out the major safety risks at the scene. Fire extinguishers. "

It is understood that according to the previous investigation group of the State Council, Xiangshui's "March 21" particularly serious explosion was a particularly serious production safety responsibility accident caused by long-term illegal storage of hazardous waste resulting in spontaneous combustion. "This is like a time bomb, and it must be rectified immediately." The working group pointed out the problems one by one, from the rules and regulations to the management staff to the production site, and carried out a comprehensive "pulse" to the enterprise.

Relevant persons in charge of the Sichuan Province and Mianyang Municipal Emergency Management Bureau stated that they should immediately order the enterprises to correct the problems found in the inspection within a time limit, eliminate hidden dangers of the accident, and investigate and investigate suspected violations of laws and regulations.

Subsequently, the reporter followed the working group and came to Sichuan Meifeng Mianyang Industrial Park and Guang'an Power Generation Co., Ltd. respectively. Although some companies have attached great importance to safety production, the working group was still meticulous in checking. "Some safety production documents have not been issued by anyone."

"The end of the year and the beginning of the year has always been a period of frequent occurrence of hazardous chemical accidents. Strict investigation is not 'picking the bones in eggs', but hoping to really find hidden dangers, eliminate hidden dangers, and further urge enterprises to improve their awareness and level of production safety management." Inspection The relevant person in charge of the group told reporters.

Such large inspections are underway in various parts of Sichuan. The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Office that since this year, the Sichuan emergency system has inspected a total of 23,436 chemical and hazardous chemical companies, identified 26,419 safety hazards, suspended production and rectified 56 companies, temporarily suspended 3 licenses, and closed 8 companies. The punishment was 9.81 million yuan, and 158 units were held accountable.

In addition, the Sichuan Province Emergency Management Department also implemented comprehensive management of hazardous chemical safety, and established a total of 21 departments (bureaus) in charge of the province, more than 6,500 hazardous chemicals, fireworks and firecrackers, and 480 hazardous chemicals. The database of major hazard sources draws an electronic map of the distribution of safety risk levels for major hazard sources.