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How to distinguish the type of hot melt adhesive?

Type of hot melt adhesive

Block and granular hot melt adhesive
This hot-melt rubber pellet has the largest output. Blocks are square, round, and grains are flat, diamond, and cylindrical. Colors are light yellow, white, red, black or translucent and colorless. When in use, there should be a melt pot. After melting, it should be scraped, rolled, sprayed or squeezed.

Stick hot melt adhesive
Generally, it is a round stick-shaped rubber strip with a length of 150 to 300 mm. The glue application tool is a hot melt gun. The end of the rubber strip is inserted into the barrel. This glue is yellow, white, red, or colorless and transparent. It is mainly used for bonding metal, electronic products, plastic parts and toys.

Powder hot melt adhesive
Mostly used for fabrics and pads, the glue must be "coated" by a dusting device. When bonding, the gluing lining and other substrates are laminated, and hot bonding can achieve tight bonding. Such as adhesive lining for clothing, carpet backing, leather shoe pad. Hot-melt adhesives are difficult to pulverize. Sticky lumps will occur due to frictional heating during mechanical pulverization. Chemical pulverization and cryogenic mechanical pulverization are required. The color is mostly natural.

Film hot melt adhesive
The hot-melt adhesive is extruded into a film, a sheet, and a roll. The product is cut to the required size when used, and it can be sandwiched between substrates to achieve high bonding strength by hot pressing. The film can also be mixed with heat-curable components, such as epoxy resin or cross-linking agent. Transparent adhesive film is used in the manufacture of laminated safety glass for automobiles and solar cell packaging. They include polyurethane film, polyvinyl butyral film, and EVA film. No transparent adhesive film is required for the bonding of boards on automobiles and aircraft.