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Is paint defoamer really the indispensable core in paint foaming?

Everyone is familiar with the term paint. The traditional Chinese name for “paint” is paint. Paint refers to a type of liquid or solid that can form a thin film on the surface of an object under certain conditions for protection, decoration or other special functions. Materials. Nowadays, a large amount of foam is generated during the production and construction of coatings, and the generation of these foams mainly depends on the construction method of the coating. Too many surfactants and the coating contains chemicals that are easy to foam. The foam will introduce volume expansion. , Which reduces the utilization rate of the blending equipment, reduces the quality of the paint, and affects the effect during use. If the foam problem is not solved in time, it will cause the production cost of the process. So many paint manufacturers will choose to use the paint Defoamer to solve the bubble problem.

Why does the paint foam?

1. Low surface tension
2. The presence of surfactants
3. There are voids on the substrate to be coated
4. High surface viscosity
5. Improper operation of spraying, brushing, roller etc. during construction

What are the hazards of paint blistering?

1. The foam produces foam in the process of mixing and stirring with other surfactants, causing volume expansion and reducing the utilization rate of the blending equipment.
2. The foam limits the stirring speed, prolongs the mixing time, and also prevents the filler and dye from being fully wetted.
3. When foaming, the packaging barrel cannot be filled, and the foam gradually disappears, causing the weight of the packaging barrel to be uneven, which interferes with continuous packaging.
4. The long-lasting foam will cause poor fluidity, surface defects, unevenness, rupture during film formation, etc. during the construction process.
5. When using paint, internal bubbles appear when spraying, rolling or silk printing, etc., which affect the quality of the product.

What is paint defoamer?

The paint defoamer is refined by a special process and has the properties of self-emulsification, easy dispersion, strong versatility, good defoaming, and long foam suppression time. It will not produce surface defects or affect film formation, and has a special effect on water-based coating systems.
In the process of coating production, packaging and application, it controls the generation of foam, has good compatibility with a wide range of systems, has a long duration, and is useful in a wide pH range.

Application scenarios:

1. Especially suitable for water-based coating systems;
2. It can prevent micro-bubbles and large bubbles;
3. High defoaming efficiency;
4. High compatibility;
5. Suitable for varnish and color paint;
6. It can be used for airless spraying formula;
7. The surface coating of thick build paint and synthetic latex;
8. Internal and external wall latex paint; waterproof coating, medium and high PVC latex paint, relief paint, various engineering paints, etc.