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Potting glue common application questions and answers

Potting materials, also known as potting or potting, refer to the isolation of circuits or wiring from harmful substances such as moisture and atmospheric pollutants, protecting them from thermal stress or mechanical stress, and providing high-voltage insulation properties. Water seal protection material in the circuit or wiring. The following Zhuo Xuanyang will answer some of the common application problems of potting:

 What is the cause of volume expansion after curing of electronic potting glue?
Answer: The expansion of the additive potting compound after curing is caused by the incorporation of bubbles in the mixing process of A and B. It is recommended to vacuum the foam before filling the glue. If there is no vacuuming equipment, it can be relieved by placing the glue for one to two hours and then heating and solidifying.

 Why is the electronic potting compound curing slowly in winter?
Answer: The curing speed of potting glue has a great relationship with the ambient temperature. The temperature in winter is low and can be solved by heating. The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity of the compound and the faster the curing speed. Conversely, the lower the temperature, the slower the curing time.

Potting glue

 What should I do if the electronic potting glue does not cure after poisoning?
A: This situation needs to be avoided in advance. When using the additive potting compound, it should avoid contact with organic compounds containing phosphorus, sulfur and nitrogen to prevent poisoning and curing.

 How to remove the potting glue after it has been cured?
Answer: 1. Because of its environmental protection, flexibility and softness, the silicone potting compound is very stable in chemical properties. Very few solvents can be dissolved. Even if the circuit board is greatly affected, it can only be slowly separated by a sharp blade.

2. The epoxy potting compound is too hard, and it can't be removed after curing. Once the component has problems, it can only directly destroy the scrap. Therefore, when selecting the potting glue, we must first consider this problem and apply it later. There is no need to dismantle the product.

What should I do if the potting surface is not smooth enough?
A: The factors that affect the appearance of potting glue are:
1 bubble, cause: the product has poor natural defoaming ability, too much stirring to produce more bubbles, can not be discharged in time during the operation; the product is damp, some curing agents will react with water vapor to produce bubbles, the impact of potting Large, brought into the air;

2, the surface wrinkles uneven, causing the reason: the filling is not completed in time within the specified operating time, resulting in uneven flow, after the potting, the product is deformed by external force and cannot be recovered;

3. Surface oiling: stratification occurs before use, and it is fully stirred evenly when used. The above three conditions will affect the smoothness and gloss of the surface of the product.

1, surface bubbles: appropriate increase of defoamer; control the stirring force, vacuum; pay attention to sealed storage; tank glue process control;

2, the surface wrinkles: the potting is completed within the specified operating time of the glue; pay attention to protect the product from external interference;

3, the surface of the oil: found stratification, stirring up and down and left and right.

What are the colors of potting glue?
A: The general is generally black, white, gray, transparent, light yellow, etc., and can also be adjusted according to the user's product requirements.