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Protecting the environment is indispensable for the important role of desulfurization defoamer

In China, the magnesium desulfurization technology that has been commercialized is becoming more and more optimistic. Because the process is relatively mature, it has less investment, simple structure, good safety performance, reduced secondary pollution, recycling of desulfurizer, and reduced desulfurization cost. It can bring certain economic benefits and other advantages, and is currently a promising desulfurization technology. Magnesium desulfurization defoamer is an indispensable additive in the desulfurization process, and it will surely make a big difference in the near future. It will also occupy more and more markets.

Compared with calcium desulfurization, magnesium desulfurization technology avoids a series of problems in simple wet method, such as:

(1) Pipeline blockage, low smoke temperature, flue gas with water and secondary water pollution, etc.;

(2) At the same time, with relatively complete limestone and gypsum method, the floor space is small, the operating cost is low, the investment amount is greatly reduced, and the comprehensive economic benefits are greatly improved.

Since the desulfurization process of thermal power plants will cause certain pollution to the environment, the state has also issued corresponding environmental protection policies, and the requirements for the control of flue gas in thermal power plants are becoming more and more strict, so that the real recycling of real by-products can be achieved, so that the environment can be protected. In order to contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Nowadays, the domestic defoamer manufacturers adhere to the concept of environmental protection. The desulfurization and defoamer developed by the company is designed for flue gas desulfurization slurry foaming system and has the following characteristics:

(1) good compatibility, long-term defoaming and foam suppression performance, thereby controlling the liquid level in the tower and eliminating the virtual high liquid level caused by the foam;

(2) Quickly eliminate the generated foam, prevent the slurry from overflowing, and slow down the fouling of the heat exchanger caused by the foam.

If you have a bubble problem that needs to be solved, but you don't know how to start, try a domestic defoamer. After decades of development, the domestic defoamer has grown very fast, and I believe it will not let you down.