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Quickly learn about low temperature hot melt adhesives

Before the emergence of low-temperature hot-melt adhesives, a chemical called Gangbao was similar to the use of low-temperature hot-melt adhesives. It could be used in the production of mattresses, sanitary napkins, diapers and other products. However, due to the development of the industry, life The improvement of the level and people's awareness is that we are pursuing environmentally friendly and durable products. As a manufacturer, we also pay attention to the issue of efficiency, which has also promoted the development of hot melt adhesive products and the emergence of low temperature hot melt adhesives.

The difference between low-temperature hot-melt adhesives and Gangbao is that the setting effect of the low-temperature hot-melt adhesive is better after the temperature is lowered, and it is waterproof, the fixed time is very short, and the production efficiency is improved. For some products that require high quality, this is undoubtedly not satisfactory.

Good quality hot melt adhesive generally has the characteristics of fast and good adhesion, aging resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, and good permeability. It is also compatible with other additives and has good compatibility. It can be developed for products of different materials. Corresponding hot-melt adhesive products, so hot-melt adhesives have a wide range of applications and can be applied to many industries.

Ultra-low temperature hot-melt film is easy to form, and it is not easy to deform after molding, extremely flexible, low operating temperature, and can be used without adding any equipment; it has the same viscosity after repeated use; its product is not sticky after heating and softening. % Environment-friendly products, ultra-low temperature hot-melt film is suitable for front lining and back cover of high-end leather shoes, riding boots, women's shoes, sports shoes and so on.