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Silicone Industry Event: International Fluorosilicone Organic Materials New Materials Industry Development Conference

In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of organic silicon and fluorine materials in emerging industries, China Fluorosilicone Organic Materials Industry Association and Jiujiang Municipal People's Government and National Silicon Industry Green Development Strategic Alliance are scheduled to be held in Jiujiang City on November 12-15, 2019. The 2nd China Jiujiang International New Materials Industry (Fluorine Silicon) Development Conference was held, and the 16th Organic Silicon Fine Chemicals Technology Exchange Conference, the 2nd Fluorine Materials High-end Development Exchange Conference and China-Japan Fluorine Conference were held concurrently. Activities such as chemical dialogue are expected to be 700 people.

The theme of the event is “Green, Innovation and Upgrade”, which will be divided into main forums and theme sub-forums. It will focus on the fluorine silicon industry and the Belt and Road, green sustainable development, fluorosilicone materials and 5G, intelligent manufacturing, modern medical, 3D. The development of emerging industries such as printing, and the exchange of high-end fluorosilicon polymers, functional materials, fluorine-containing fine chemicals and other industries

Up to now, hundreds of representatives of silicone companies have signed up for the conference, and the number has exceeded 800. It is expected that the total number of participants will reach 1,000. An unprecedented super international event is definitely not to be missed.