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Silicone materials have such a large use in noise reduction and vibration reduction.

With the rapid development of aerospace, ground equipment, ship and other engineering technologies, as well as the increasingly demanding requirements for safety, comfort and environmental protection, the use of lightweight noise reduction, vibration reduction, energy absorption new materials and technology upgrades It has also become more urgent.

In order to further demonstrate the bottlenecks of high-performance noise reduction, vibration reduction, energy absorption and new material technology application and technology development, the new material technology and application conference platform for military and civilian use, the National Materials (Beijing) New Materials Research Institute, the national military and civilian The "2019 Military and Civilian Noise Reduction, Vibration Reduction and Energy Absorption New Materials and Technology Forum" co-sponsored by the Dual-Use Technology Trading Center will be held at the Mingfa International Hotel in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province on November 22-24, when aerospace will be invited. Industry experts such as weapons, ships, and defense institutes (schools) have made relevant reports and interactions on research progress and existing problems in noise reduction, vibration reduction, and energy absorption of new materials and technologies.

Invites leaders, experts, scholars, engineering and technical personnel, and colleagues from relevant enterprises and institutions to attend the meeting (rejecting the participation of overseas and foreign companies) and submitting PPT reports on advanced noise reduction, vibration reduction, energy absorption, new materials and technologies, etc. Communicate.

The forum will introduce the application and advantages of silicone materials in noise reduction and vibration reduction.