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WACKER launches new liquid silicone rubber

WACKER launches new liquid silicone rubber

So far, silicone products usually need to undergo secondary vulcanization to achieve the desired performance. In recent years, WACKER has launched liquid silicone rubber products with low VOC content and no secondary vulcanization, which can meet the strict regulatory requirements in sensitive applications.

1. VOC content drops

Regarding the proportion of VOC content in silicones, silicone products used in food and baby care products must have extremely high purity, and their VOC content should not exceed 0.5%. In addition, silicone products used for technical applications usually require no volatile silicone components.

WACKER's approach can meet these different needs: on the one hand, WACKER changed its entire liquid silicone rubber product line to a low-VOC series; on the other hand, it is specifically aimed at the uniqueness of the food, baby care, medical technology and pharmaceutical industries Requires the introduction of ELASTOSIL® LR 5040 series-this is the series with the lowest content of volatile, extracted or migrated components in WACKER's liquid silicone rubber product portfolio to date. In addition, this series of products also meet the regulatory requirements for VOC content in sensitive applications.

2. No secondary vulcanization

For manufacturers of silicone products, secondary vulcanization will not only cause a lot of energy consumption and increase emissions, but also affect production efficiency. For manufacturers like RicoGroup, a full-service provider of customized polymer solutions worldwide, ELASTOSIL® LR 5040 with many advantages ultimately saves a lot of costs.

"With ELASTOSIL® LR 5040, we completely eliminate the need for secondary vulcanization, and can complete final packaging directly after production. This not only reduces related processes, but also saves valuable resources and labor costs." RicoGroup said

3. Suitable for injection molding

Currently, the hardness of the ELASTOSIL® LR 5040 product range ranges from Shore A20 to Shore A70, including a Shore A45 hardness product suitable for many baby care applications. Different from the hardness of traditional silicone rubber, the hardness here refers to the hardness of the material without secondary vulcanization.
The hardness deviation of ELASTOSIL® LR 5040 series is extremely small, only 3 degrees (Shore A). Thanks to this, manufacturers can meet customers' hardness requirements with extremely high precision.

4. High purity tear resistance

One of the key reasons why the new liquid silicone can claim extremely high purity is its appearance: it is translucent and emits a light blue gloss. The molded parts produced with this liquid silicone are of excellent quality and extremely high purity. In addition, secondary vulcanized liquid silicone rubber products tend to yellow during storage, and the tendency of the new liquid silicone to yellow has been minimized.
In addition to purity, the mechanical properties of many sensitive applications are also quite high. The tear strength of WACKER vulcanized rubber products can be up to 50N / mm (measured according to ASTM D 624 B), and no secondary vulcanization is required.

5. New processing methods

ELASTOSIL® LR 5040 brings new possibilities to manufacturers of silicone products. Since there is no need for a secondary vulcanization process, component manufacturers can greatly simplify production and increase efficiency, thereby paving the way for the implementation of fully automated lean production processes. If necessary, the entire production process can be completed in a clean room. In addition, after eliminating the secondary vulcanization process, there is no need to worry about the formation of explosive air mixtures, thereby improving the safety of the production process.
In addition to baby care products, applications of silicone products that do not require secondary vulcanization include food contact products and products used in medical and pharmaceutical technology —— from kitchen appliances, coffee machines and storage containers to metering valves and respirators Wait a minute.