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Water based resin is the focus of the development of the chemical industry

Water based resins have extremely wide applications, with high added value, and have been listed as the focus of the development of the chemical industry for many years. With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection, there is a high demand for water-based resins as raw materials. Different water-based resins have their own performance advantages and deficiencies. How to play the required performance in different application scenarios requires the improvement of water-based resins. Therefore, the development of non-polluting, water-based, high-curing, solvent-free modified resins is the main direction of development today.

In order to help product development professionals to understand the development trends of the industry, exchange practical experience and skills of waterborne resin modification research and application, solve hot and difficult problems encountered in the research and development and production process, control project development risks, and manage Chinese chemical enterprises The Association will hold "2019 Waterborne Resin Modification Research and Application Training Course" in Guangzhou from December 16th to 18th, 2019. At that time, it will invite well-known scholars and senior experts in the industry to explain personal practical experience and introduce waterborne resin formulation design through examples. Systematic communication and learning with the problems and solutions in the synthesis process. Units are invited to actively send participants to participate, and the relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Organizer: China Chemical Enterprise Management Association

Time and place:

Time: December 16-18, 2019 (Report all day on the 16th)

Location: Guangzhou City (Place will be notified directly to applicants)

Meeting costs:

2200 yuan / person (including training fee, information fee, etc.), more than 1800 yuan / person per unit for two or more participants. Accommodation and accommodation are arranged at your own expense.

Fourth, the main training content:

1. Research and application progress of water-based polyurethane resin modification:

1.Properties of acrylic resin modified water-based polyurethane resin;
2.Preparation and performance of silicone modified waterborne polyurethane resin;
3.Synthesis of waterborne epoxy resin modified waterborne polyurethane resin;
4.Water-based polyurethane resins are used in wood coatings, floor coatings, metal anticorrosion, leather finishing, automotive painting, current paint and other fields;

(2) Research and application progress of water-based epoxy resin modification:

1.Preparation and performance research of acrylic resin modified water-based acrylic resin;
2.Synthesis and performance research of silicone modified waterborne epoxy resin;
3.Preparation and characteristics of nano-ion modified water-based epoxy resin;
4, water-based epoxy resin in anticorrosive coatings, industrial floor coatings, wood paint, concrete protective coatings and other fields;

(3) Research and application of water-based alkyd resin modification:

1.Synthesis of acrylic resin modified water-based alkyd resin;
2.Preparation and performance of silicone modified water-based alkyd resin;
3.Study on the technology of styrene modified water-based alkyd resin;
4.Application of water-based alkyd resin in woodwork decorative coatings, railway vehicles, automotive coatings, shipbuilding industry, construction and other fields;

Expert Dialogue Salon:

Organize experts and attendees to interactively ask questions and answer questions, analyze and explain key issues that occur during the production or research process, and conduct in-depth discussions in the form of live question and answer discussions to help find solutions or suggestions for solving problems.

V. Participants

1. Manufacturers, raw materials and equipment suppliers, general managers of product processing enterprises, technical research and development directors, engineering managers, technical managers, design managers, product managers, procurement managers, senior technical personnel, etc. in the waterborne resin industry;
2. Relevant personnel in polymer and material research in scientific research institutions;
3. Equipment manufacturer and supplier, instrument manufacturer and supplier, material testing, etc.