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XinSihai will participate in Shenzhen fluorosilicone materials exhibition in november

The 8th China International Fluorosilicon Material Industry and Application Exhibition

As everyone knows, there is a grand exhibition in the fluorosilicone industry in November this year. There are only more than two months left, and there are not many booths left. In order for companies that want to participate in the exhibition to be able to grasp, and friends who want to visit the exhibition not to miss it, today I will give you a simple and clear stroke.

Name of fair
The 8th China International Fluorosilicon Material Industry and Application Exhibition

Exhibition time
November 19-21, 2020

Exhibition location
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen)

Organizational Unit
Sponsor: China Fluorosilicon Organic Material Industry Association
Organizer: Beijing Fluorosilicon Technology Development Co., Ltd.
                 Shanghai Reed Extension Co., Ltd.

This is a professional exhibition of fluorosilicone materials co-operated by the Fluorosilicon Association and Reed Exhibitions. The fluorosilicone exhibition will be jointly exhibited on the same day and at the same place with the following themed exhibitions: Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition, 5G Mobile Phone Innovation Technology and Materials Exhibition, Coating and Die Cutting Exhibition, and New Display Exhibition.

Exhibition scale
The total scale of the exhibition: area: 60,000 square meters, 470 exhibitors, and expected 35,000 buyers
Fluorosilicone exhibition scale: exhibition area of ​​5000 square meters, more than 10,000 professional fluorosilicone buyers

Exhibition content
1. Fluorosilicone materials: silicone monomer, high temperature glue, room temperature glue, liquid silicone rubber, silicone sealant, etc.; silicone oil and secondary processed products, silicone resin applications; silane coupling agent and its downstream applications; fluororubber products , Fluoroplastic plates, rods, films, sealing products, wires and cables, anti-corrosion linings, etc. Fluoroplastics, fluororesins, fluororubbers, polytetrafluoroethylene products, etc.

2. Fluorosilicon production equipment: extrusion equipment, molding equipment, rotary cutting equipment, sintering equipment, etc.; kneaders, reactors, mixing machinery, grinding equipment, dispersion equipment, fluid machinery and other supporting machinery.

3. Fluorosilicon characteristic industrial parks, industrial clusters, and demonstration bases;