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Silicone adhesive properties for mica laminates

Organic silicon adhesive/methyl phenyl polysiloxane as the main component, is the production of mica laminates of key components, the mica tape glass fiber board made of silicone adhesive mica products can provide reliable insulation protection of electrical conductor, strong mechanical strength and flexibility, in 300 ~ 400℃ high temperature environment to the normal work of the intact.

mica laminates


1. Mica tape Adhesives

2. Mica board / sheet bond

3. Mica paper molding

4. Fiberglass board / sheet bond

5. High Temperature Laminated Board bond

6. Electronic transistor sealants

7. Electronic transistor protector

8. Impregnated glass-fiber cloth adhesive: SH9603

9. Magnesium Oxide Powder bond